World of tanks tier 8 matchmaking

Not really good for A, but pretty insane for and Type 4. Yolo line 2 on prok with Type 4 in 3 arty game are the real "RRR and win" situation. I agree with this. I do not have a great Wn8 or Win rate.

I am average at best. That is because i try to do my best. I am in the fight and not at the back sniping even in my tds, you will find me positioned very aggressively. This has 2 effects. I am improving as a player, as i get better at positioning etc and i do not get any messages after battle. I used to play very defensively and that i think was what was holding me back.

Tier 8 Matchmaking sucks

Aggressive play while knowing your weaknesses will surely help you in the long run. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Tier 8 Matchmaking sucks Started by Warhammer , May 17 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Warhammer 1 Posted 17 May - Played 23 games in my VK 01 P. Can you guess how many matches allowed me to be top tier? I really wanted to make a difference in those 22 matches of mine.

Every time I get an chance to be top tier, its like gold for me. I grab it, and carry the team the best I can.

I normally get 5 kills, and 3k dmg. However I rarely get those, because 90 percent of my matches end up getting me bottom tier Dk what to do anymore, too many obstacles in my way preventing me from increasing my wn Edited by Warhammer, 17 May - Carrots Only Become salty when you roast them with flavor. No choice but to power through. Well you could grind it in frontlines. But the issue is not the fact you keep getting into tier x battles with vkp it is, but it is for everyone The difference is that you do not know how to be more effective when not top tier which is ridiculously easy when top tier due to its armor.

You are not even doing 1k dmg on average, which is way less than your HP. This is true for pretty much all for your tanks, sure you may think you know how to play but i honestly doubt you normally get 5 kills and 3k dmg when you average dpg and 0. You have too many battles as it is now, stop rushing to tier x and instead improve your performance and it will not only be easier to get to tier x, you will do far better in it.

K4izerr 4 Posted 17 May - That dpg means terrible stock grind run. OP when you are tier 8 in tier 10, just sit back and try to farm from behind your 10's.

Finally news on Matchmaking & Pref MM tanks!

FishyPower 9 Posted 17 May - When in doubt, fire HE. You could always do the Frontline mode.

That way you'll always top tier. Puggsley 11 Posted 18 May - Your height will often mean you can shoot over the tanks in front. Warhammer 12 Posted 18 May - That gun is fast firing and u can bring something like 70 rounds of HE. I actually suspect that the tier 8 matchmaking is intentional, trying to get people to spend money to get past multiple unpleasant grinds.

And if that is what is happening I'm certainly not privy to that information , then I would guess that is far more profitable for WG than people buying a tier 8 premium and playing thousands of games in it. Guido, on Sep 22 - The problem was never the tiering, but the mismatches. Wargaming fixes the mismatches but had no reason to change tier rules. Bavor, on Sep 22 - I know the present matchmaking has slowed my play as it gets harder and harder to hit the battle button.

Skirmishes and Advances keep me playing but I'd really enjoy being able to play my premium content again and, by the way, I have almost ALL of them, Wargaming. Bavor, on Sep 21 - Thank you for this incredibly detailed study. As someone with a PhD in Applied Derp Sciences, I have peer reviewed your work and concur with you that tier 8 mm is indeed broken like a dumpster fire.

To put it simply, Wargaming or more importantly Victor Kislyi who is the owner of this horrible company do not give a single solitary turd about the players or what they think. They only care about getting your money and specifically western or non-russian moneys. They do not care about balance and even despise it. Its called an insult folks. Victor Kislyi is insulting you idiots who keep spending money on this game. The latest Russian OP nonsensical tank is just one more in a long line of F-ck you to the player base.

Everything this company does is to make a profit.

Simple fix to tier 8 Matchmaking - General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum

It is a multi billion dollar enterprise which nothing is done on accident and nothing is done that wont encourage real money to be spent. The frustration factor we are experiencing is all part of that. Ever wonder why the equations that WG gives about things like MM never ever seem to match up to the data gathered and compiled by people like Bavor here?

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  • Tier 8, match making, is yuk.

The "RNG" makes sense and so does the horrible anti-balance of this game. Heck even the maps are designed to favor a specific nation tanks russian over all others. In short Wargaming other wise known as Victor Kislyi's bank account only gives a crap about money.

They don't even care about the costumer who spends the money or what they think only that Victor Kislyi's bank account gets a little fatter. I only have one Tier 8, a M46 KR, it was a fun tank to play. It has gone to hell. I'm on a prolonged break. I might come back. I might not come back.

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It's not up to me. It's up to WoTs. I will eventually have a monster sleeper straight from depths of hell, one way or another. Does War Gaming want my money? My feelings aren't hurt. I have plenty of other things to throw coin at.

Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: An analysis of the broken tier 8 matchmaking Started by Bavor , Sep 22 - Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Bavor 1 Posted Sep 22 - I like the game and I used to spent a pretty penny on it. Treeburst 4 Posted Sep 22 - Bavor 7 Posted Sep 22 -