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On the other hand, you feel that it sucks to be punished for something outside your control even though you are a try-hard player and you now have to play 5 games in a crap mode. However, there is justice in what happens. At the end of the day, Dota is a hobby, and you need to make sure you have everything in order when pursuing that hobby especially since the enjoyment of others depends entirely on you. It's like taking up football and playing as a striker and then showing up with no boots because you can't afford them. Well, sure that sucks, but now your team plays without a striker and you sit there moaning that you've been kicked from the team but in reality what other option was there?

You have to make sure that you have the right tools or don't take up the hobby, for your sake and the sake of others. If it happens infrequently, then just brush it off, 5 games in Low Prio really isn't bad. If it happens frequently, consider taking up another hobby or just accept that you will be in Low Prio a lot and be happy with it.

For LP let's just count only games, that you won, and count three lost games as one game in LP, so there won't be that all-mid-feed-fest. LP is fine IMO, I'd rather occasionally go in for something not my fault than not have a punishment for those idiots that deserve to burn in low pri for all eternity. Just stop being a dick.

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Double the games, only games you won count. I've thought about this a bit, since I spend half my life at home and half at university. Uni has great internet and my desktop, while home has the worst connection known to man and my piece of shit laptop.

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It sounds tough, but I've just accepted that while I have shit internet and a crash-prone PC, I'm not going to play dota. Sure, sometimes it will be fine, but a lot of time it won't. It'll be extremely frustrating for me and my five teammates. The other problem with your suggestion is that it goes against the fundamental promise of valve's game: With these additional funds our team can spend more time on our core business:.

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