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Then Speed Dating could be right for you. Speed Dating is an event for students to learn about one another and have a venue to interact with each other; it provides an easier solution to dating on campus. For six years Associated Student Inc. According to lead program assistant for Beach Pride Events, Kaila-Marie Hardaway, the reaction of the students have been great and they are usually very surprise that Cal State Long Beach has an event where they might find their significant other or just make new friends.

During speed dating people will a chance to talk to someone different every minutes as they rotate. Participators in this event are doing so by registering on BeachSync. Applications are due in advance to manage the limited capacity for the event.

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This semester, about people applied but organizers capped it at total participants — 20 of whom belong to the LGBT community. A person who lacks an adequate level of intimacy skills may have a series of failed relationships and never really understand the cause. Women more typically begin these conversations as little girls and develop these skills talking with other women.

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Men often grow up being left out of the loop. Men who are close to their mothers or sisters who have these skills often develop high levels of intimacy skills and may be very successful in relating to women in their teen and adult years. Men who grew up with a lack of intimacy with women and communicated almost exclusively in a male world may have serious intimacy skill deficits. Some women grow up in no-talk or task-talk environments or mostly interacting with men and have similar intimacy problems.

Many men I have counseled who haven't dated much or have been very unsuccessful at dating often have as friends men with similar problems. These men often form negative stereotypes about women such as "All they want is a guy who drives a nice car, has power, is great looking, and is rich. Women tend to focus more on intimacy factors such as deeper values, caring, affection, family values, relationship focus, understanding, intimacy communication, and fun together. By the way, these features make great topics for more intimate conversations take note.

Use of first person I, you, we. People often confuse intuition words that actually reflect thoughts with feeling words that reflect emotions. Discussing how you feel about other people and discussing the lives of people you interact with increases relationship intimacy.

The more important to you the person you are talking about is, the more intimate the conversation. Talking about family members, close friends, and important people in your life can be intimate. It isn't just talking about them in general that is more personal. It is also talking about how you feel about them and how they affect your personal life that makes it intimate. The most intimate conversation with your partner is talking about your feelings about your conversational partner and your relationship with that partner.

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Most women like to talk about their relationships of all kinds-family, friends, previous romantic relationships, work, etc. Men who know how to use empathetic listening for the woman to go on and on about these relationships are often deluged with women seeking relationships with them.

While many men just scratch their heads wondering what women want, other men have problems of knowing which woman to choose of those who keep calling them. This is one of their secrets. Start talking about yourself, your partner, and your relationship from the beginning. For example, You can give compliments, tell them you enjoyed the conversation, or comment on how open they were. Personal compliments and criticisms are very intimate. Of course it is best to give more compliments than criticisms often a good measure of relationship happiness.

Learn to give criticisms sensitively and constructively. Most people are sensitive about any criticism. If it is not given in the best possible manner, it is probable that the other will feel hurt and resentful-especially if it happens to hit in a sensitive area. And you may not be able to guess what those sensitive areas are. Besides relationships, there are many other topics that can be intimate. You can make almost any topic intimate to some degree by talking about your feelings about it. Use feeling words and talk about how it affects or affected you personally.

For example don't just talk about what you do on your job, talk about how you feelabout what you do. Also tell about your deeper values, interests, and goals. Or tell about funny or uplifting stories about yourself or others. A few other common topics that people talk about-especially when they first meet include their work and feelings about it and people they work with, career goals and history, their interests especially those they may want to do with the current conversational partner , the current situation class, current environment, feelings about circumstances surrounding the current meeting, their current day or week events and feelings about them , important parts of themselves or activities, how they feel about the weather or geographic location, etc.

Drawing Your Partner's Feelings Out One of the biggest complaints I hear from women about men is that men don't talk enough about their feelings and their problems or personal lives. Some women have the same problem.

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They may rarely talk about their own feelings or the own problems with people. What do you do if you are with a partner who is one of these people? You may not know how to converse intimately with this person. It's no wonder that they haven't had a good relationship before.

One solution is to move on as others may have done. Perhaps this person will never learn to be intimate, and you would be wise to move on and save yourself a lot of frustration. On the other hand, many men or women with the same problem really would like to connect at a more intimate level; but just don't know how. Try some of the following tips to increase intimacy:.

See asking questions section below. Be a good role model; talk about personal topics and feelings. Ask how your partner feels about what you said. This approach serves both as a role model and direct stimulus to get him sharing his feelings about events too. Example "If you are not sure what you are feeling, could it be a. Ask directly for what you want: Be specific and give specific examples.

Remember, your partner really literally may not know what to say. You may need to repeat this approach in part many times to make progress.

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If you try all of the above repeatedly, and your results are unsatisfactory, then it may be wise to move on before you get too attached to someone you may never have true intimacy with. It may be impossible to ever have a really happy, intimate marriage with this person.

It is hard enough for someone genuinely trying to improve.

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Romantic Conversations Women often say they want a man who is romantic. When many men hear this they feel confused and inadequate. They think of movie stars whom women see as romantic, and they don't see themselves as being like those stars. So they feel inadequate. Most women value intimate, feeling-oriented conversations more than purely romantic ones, but being romantic can only help your cause with most women. Of course most romantic conversations are really one subtype of intimate, feeling-oriented conversations.

To be a romantic conversation, it must normally also meet those criteria above. What are additional criteria of romantic conversations? Of course "romantic" is a very subjective concept and is a little different within the minds of each person. Following are some common criteria for being romantic.