Can a non-drinker dating a drinker

What are all of your ideas for good first dates that don't involve meeting up for a drink?

9 Reasons Dating As A Non-Drinker Stinks (The Struggle Is Real!)

Maybe I should just make life easier on myself and pick up drinking. My partner is a non-drinker and it is one of the many things I love about him. He's never had any interest in drinking, will even eschew boozy food like tiramisu or rum cake.

He doesn't mind my drinking at all though, even owns a wine bottle opener that he keeps for his guests, he is not the kind of dry person who minds others' drinking. The thing is, since we've been together, I probably have had a glass of wine twice. I just don't feel like drinking either. But I wouldn't go so far as to say I don't drink - I just drink on very rare occasions. So, don't change who you are to suit others or to 'fit in' - in a way, by not drinking, you can stand out and be noticed by someone who appreciates this quality like I do with my man.

If drinking alcohol is a deal breaker for a relationship, then that relationship should never happen in the first place. I've gone to many a bar or club and drank water. In such a setting, the booze isn't necessarily the 1 social reason to be there. People, music, atmosphere - if you don't drink, still doesn't mean you can't enjoy the ambiance of such a place on occasion. I pondered this when I was dating.

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It wouldn't have been a dealbreaker, but it would probably preclude experiencing certain activities together that I enjoy, such as wine festivals and winery visits. The point of no return, er, NorCal. Originally Posted by If you don't have anything against drinking then why do you identify so strongly as a "non-drinker"? You must know that very few first date are centered around drinking unless it's not really a date and is just a "pickup".

To assume dates are centered around drinking again points to your misconceptions around alcohol. Figure out whether drinking or dating a "drinker" is a deal breaker for you because I bet it is. Don't waste her time if you can't stand a woman who has a couple drinks once a month. Take her to the mall, or just a stroll in the park. You will meet someone who you can relate to soon enough. Some like to drink, but some don't and that's ok. The sleepy part of New York City.

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I've been out of the dating scene too long to make any suggestions on where to go on dates but I can tell you I'm a non drinker also. Just be prepared for some questioning looks if you have to say 'I don't drink'. I think a lot of people assume I'm in a 12 step program or something, but the truth is I never really liked drinking because I think alcohol and wine taste terrible. When we do go out I order water, cranberry juice or ginger ale so it actually looks like I'm drinking not that thats the impression I'm trying to give but nobody ever asks me what's in my glass.

But not drinking wouldn't have been a deal breaker for me. When the situation comes up like if you're out to dinner or when a drink is offered then tell her you don't enjoy drinking but explain that you don't have problems with her drinking if she wants to.

Can drinkers successfully date/have a relationship with non-drinkers?

If her focus is more on drinking and alcohol than spending time getting to know you, then she's not the right girl for you anyway. One of my relatives owns a winery and during the summers they have a band and there's also a food truck so even going to an event at a winery doesn't mean you have to taste the wine. It's interesting learning how different wines are made but I don't drink it. OP, a couple of my friends don't drink, simply because, like you, they never had any interest in it.

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