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I wonder if it might be different. Last edited by papajohns on Thu Mar 02, 2: Hookup Culture Post by grades?? International student here 0L from a culturally conservative country.

Posting for the quote "how often do you enjoy copulation. Last edited by bloomsday on Mon Jun 12, 8: If you had trouble with women in college you will have similar problems in law school. Law school tends to have a lot more married people and people in long term relationships than undergrad so there will be fewer single people. Socially, law school is also a lot more like high school than college. Your social circle 1L year will largely be limited to your section and there will probably be one to three couples formed in your section.

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Hookup Culture Post by Dr. Last edited by jess on Fri Oct 27, 5: My friend who is at the top of his class was able to continue hooking up with three different girls at the same time for a few months before he picked one. There are actually a lot of really cute girls that go to law schools.

It's likely law school will so consume your life you don't have as much opportunity to pursue other prospects as you'd like. But I beg of you, please don't do it. Unless you thrive on an endless amount of drama, gossip, and dirty looks, it's a bad idea.


Elie’s 8 Tips For 1L Year | Above the Law

Remember what happened when it inevitably didn't work out? You all knew the same people, so everyone knew about what happened.

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  8. Oh, and since you lived in the same dorm if you tried to bring someone else home there was a strong chance you'd accidentally run into each other. The same can be said about law school. Your lives are lived in such close proximity that it provides endless opportunities for silent passings in the hall, drunken confrontation at law school events by the way, some sort of alcohol is served at EVERY law school event, no lie, it's incredible, we take pride in our future substance abuse , and the occasional awkward e-mail the next day.

    Still don't believe me? My 1L year, I did my best to stay out of the fray.

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    Don't get me wrong, I still partied. However, anytime an opportunity arose for a hook up with a fellow law student, I got the hell out of dodge. I sent myself home discreetly. It was the only way I could avoid the impending doom of a law school hook up. My 2L year, I was a little less successful. It was at a law school event early in the fall, and I had decided I was going to get "college drunk".

    The 5 Types Of Hookups You’ll Have In Law School

    After consuming a couple of Red Bull and Vodkas that tasted a little too good I magically morphed into Joey from Real World Hollywood, completely out of control. A couple more RBVs led to a couple Jaeger Bombs and before I knew it I was a big sloppy pile of goo in the middle of the dance floor making out with a fellow law student like my plane was going down. Like Elaine Benes at an office party. Like junior high kids in the corner at a school dance.

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    My only saving grace is that I didn't take her home with me that night The next morning, at approximately 8 a. She said she wanted to talk about last night. She got it from a fellow classmate whose assassination I immediately began plotting. To this day, I couldn't tell you what else transpired in that conversation.

    Preparing for Law School

    To be honest, at 8 a. I was still pretty drunk. You know you're in bad shape when your hangover doesn't even start until after 5 p. The following day at school I was greeted with sarcastic smiles and pity high fives.

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