Tips on dating a short guy

But I think it matters to a lot of girls. When a guy is short, you feel fat. With a short guy, you can easily weigh more than him or feel like you could crush him underneath you. Really short girls are lucky, because every guy is a tall guy to them! Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again.

Thanks for passing it along. Hopefully it gives someone the confidence boost needed to keep going!

How to Date as a Short Guy - Tips and Tricks | Stacy Karyn

This is really intriguing. I have never given this any thought before. I guess because no one shorter ever approached me. It is enlightening and the bottom line to me is to be yourself and not worry about what anyone thinks! Being a short girl…I never really cared what height a guy was…but I can see how it would be something to think about! I love hearing that! Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Get involved with something you are passionate about. Do you have any extra tips on how to date as a short guy? Applicable to just about anyone!

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You are so right! We can actually all benefit from these practices. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This website uses cookies to analyze site usage and personalize content and ads. Like you said yourself, it's almost certainly a confidence thing if you're having trouble attracting women, and probably has little to do with your height. I'm not that much taller than you, and I don't have problems getting women to respect me.

Granted, I'm still taller than most of the women I meet. The thing is, you can't expect to "earn" respect from them. There's nothing to earn. There's nothing you should have to do besides being yourself to be respected. Either a woman has the good sense and decency to respect you as a human being, or she can keep walking.

Why would you want someone with that kind of attitude, where they make respect conditional? You deserve to be respected for who you are. As long as you are compatible in other areas, to be honest usually women will not notice or give a crap about your height. From what I've noticed, height is a bonus, but usually not a deal-breaker. Being a short man is great, im more agile and quick than most with low blood pressure and all around very good health.

Stacy Karyn

Dating wise its terrible. My options are extremely limited.


Its difficult to earn a woman's respect. In fact I cant say Ive every had the respect of any woman. I havent dated many and the ones I did left. I will not likely have children or a wife. Of course my own confidence is at play as well but these go hand in hand. But im ok with it, I like myself and wouldnt want to be anyone else. And you never know a fine person might be waiting I just havent found her.

I'm only 5'4" and 22 years old. Only had one real relationship.

Do Girls Like Short Guys? How to Get a Girlfriend When You're a Shorter Man

It doesn't help that I look young and don't have much facial hair either. I've been to Latin America and girls in those countries seem to care less about height since the average male height is much shorter. Avg male height in Mexico is 5'6" and while there are plenty of taller guys, there's also plenty of guys shorter than 5'6". Tall is relative, I'm over 6ft tall but am about average height in my hometown, 6'6" isn't uncommon in the area. I've dated a women who was 6'3" which is a little taller than i am if she was in heels. So if you're 5'5" move to Taos NM and be the tallest guy in the room and be happy you can fly coach.

It is very tough being a short man especially if he's like me short and bald. I served 20 years in the United States Army and the whole time never was able to get a girlfriend. All that time thouands of women have said things like "ewww your like only 5 foot tall, you don't even qualify to be a man" and atleast other different replies about my height 5'5. I never thought being short was such a problem until I spent three years after I retired from the army thinking about it.

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I've dated men as short as 5' 8". Didn't faze me one bit. I even wore high heels around them. The important thing for guys is to stop mentioning their height and to "own" it. Then focus on enjoying life and forget about the height thing. It's not impossible to do! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Do girls really dislike short men?

Like most things in life, the answer is not as simple as "yes" or "no. Are you actually a short guy? The Not So Shocking Truth: Other Guys Lie About Their Height All the Time Another issue to consider is the fact that guys lie about their heights the same way that girls lie about their weight. Stretching the Truth Do you ever lie about your height?

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  • Yes, I tell people I'm a little taller. Yes, I tell people I'm shorter. To make things easier on yourself, follow these tips when you're looking for a girlfriend, but you feel that your short stature has been holding you back: Get Over the Whole Height Thing First Before you consider getting into the dating scene, let go of the chip on your shoulder.

    Avoid Online Dating Many people think that online dating is a must these days, but this isn't really true. Don't Sell Yourself Short So, finally, do girls like short guys?


    Certain girls can like certain short guys. The Height Poll Do you consider yourself short?