Going back to dating after living together

It's like a 1. In your case I think being 60 mins away is reasonable and doable, but yeah it's a big adjustment. My SO moved out after living with me for about 7 months but it was absolutely because of relationship issues. We're still together almost a year later. The worst part is I got screwed financially and have been carrying the rent by myself since then, while he shares a house with his friends and pays like half of what I do every month.

Are you happy in your relationship?

Getting Back Back Together Years After A Separation Is Possible When Following These 3 Steps

I don't think I could be with someone who screwed me over financially. Though, I have money anxiety due to growing up terrifyingly poor. One person is always going to get screwed when someone moves out mid-lease. I panic over money all the time now because everything is so tight, but he is pretty good about helping me out financially if I need it. I had a one bedroom and had a roommate.

Yeah I'm not sure how many people post-college would be up for splitting a 1 bedroom without a setup like that, which sucks with how expensive they are. Yup, I'm in that position right now. I graduated and moved in with him. After a year, I moved out to get my MA. He knew that I was planning on going for an MA, so it's not like it was a big surprise, and we concluded that a 1-year MA program isn't worth him uprooting himself and coming with me plus, I'd feel crazy guilty.

It's still working out, but I think the distance hurts more after living together.

Can Moving Out Actually Help Save Your Relationship?

I really wouldn't recommend it. Just a few more months of this!

Also, I don't get the argument that it isn't practical for him to move with you since his work is 5 minutes from your current place. It seems like it's fair for you both to split the load and move to a compromise-place where you both have a 30 minute commute. It just seems kind of selfish for someone to say, "you can commute for an hour, but it's impractical for me to commute for more than 5 minutes. Is that the only thing that's preventing him from moving with you?

Can Moving Out Actually Help Save Your Relationship?

Yes, we mutually broke up while living together. We dated for a year and broke it off because we realized we were better off as friends and were able to transition to that very quickly. As friends, we remained living together for the following 4 months to follow through with the lease and hey, I still got to live with my best friend! He moved to another city but he's still a good friend. It's different for all circumstances so I wouldn't exactly recommend it, nor would I tell you to run the other way It all depends on the circumstance.

We made it work and I'm sure others could as well, but it all depends on the relationship. Now, I will warn you that if you're looking to date around or jump into a new relationship, I strongly urge you to move out. But again, all relationships are different.

I moved in with my then-boyfriend and his family when I got pregnant. He abused me physically, emotionally and verbally for about a year until a particularly bad beat up where I thought I would die. I broke up with him, moved back to my mom's with my then 3-month-old daughter and pressed charges. Some weeks later he convinced me to get back together with him. It got a bit better but he continued to verbally and emotionally abuse me, until I finally could break up with him for real after many tries.

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Not me, but a friend of mine did for a variety of reasons mostly financial and they are still happily together. She wanted to save up money and the city we live near is incredibly expensive, unless you have multiple roommates, so she opted to move back in with her parents temporarily, while he went to live with a few of his guy buds. They initially lived together with another couple, but when that couple decided to leave, my friend and her boyfriend could not afford a place on their own. My friend did not want to live with a bunch of guys, so they decided to live separately for the time being!

I moved out of our shared house in December I actually moved back into my parents' house. I did it so I could focus on school and not have to worry about bills and all that. He was fine with my decision. We're still together, happy as ever, and we're looking around at places for us to move into together soon. I still have almost a year left of school, but we're tired of not living together. Me and my boyfriend lived together last year of uni. When uni finished we made the mature decision to go wherever there were jobs.

We ended up on opposite ends of the country. It's hard but there's no way I'm not going to try my best to make it work. We have a rough endpoint 2 years and see where it goes from there.

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I can't wait to live with him again. My boyfriend moved out in December and we are still together. Not gonna lie, it was really hard at first, and it's still not easy, but I have adjusted. My current partner and I have been together for 2 and a half years.

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We moved in together very quickly like a month in, we had been close friends for years and a circumstance made it necessary and lived together for about a year. He moved out for a myriad of reasons all circumstantial but we were also having those 1st year in relationship problems. The where are we going? Should we be dating? I wake up in a bad mood.

No matter what, the sun rises to find me on the wrong side of the bed. Once I get moving and thinking happy caffeinated thoughts, my day is all uphill from there. We quickly realized that he has terrible bad mood immunity. While I woke up like the Grinch, but cheered up within the hour, Jordan caught my grumpiness and it followed him around all day like a thundercloud.

We were both embarrassed. Thus, the compromising began. On a normal morning, we barely spoke to each other. Sometimes, I let Jordan get ready before I ventured out of bed. By the time we were making plans to return to home to Los Angeles, Jordan and I agreed to go back to living separately.


We communicated really consistently over those five months abroad, so there were no surprises or hurt feelings. At first, I worried we were giving up on a new phase of our relationship, that we were taking a step back. I started writing and making art again," she told Mic. If you realize that you've moved in with your partner too early, there's no shame in moving out and retreating to your own space again.

That doesn't mean you're taking a step backward; rather, it could mean that you're actually making a healthy decision to save your relationship. If you do decide to move out, Vaiti suggests avoiding the impulse to blame and accuse your partner for any perceived misdeed. Instead, she suggests telling your partner how beneficial such a separation can be and focusing on how much the relationship means to you.