Gay dating dynamics

Relationship number two was to another man,16 years older, for 11 years.

Currently my nearly 12 year relationship is with a man eight years younger. The downside to liking older men is the probability that you will outlive them and experience an enormous void without them. The upside is that you were able to find a wonderful partner to fulfill your dreams and theirs. I am so happy Richard that you found happiness in your relationships.

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One needs to be true to themselves. Not their parents, family or peers. Living up to the expectations of others is crippling. Your story brought tears to my eyes, especially about your first relationship for 15 years. The thought of outliving him scares the crap out of me. I love this man so much. I love him with all my heart. They treat him as an equal to them, and he knows that he can never be a parental figure to them due to his age.

I worry about him as I get older. How will I be able to fulfill my side of the relationship? How can I extend my health and fitness level to try and keep up with him as I age. I have been in a relationship with a fellow 32 years younger for 3 months. We have been together every night and now, during summer, most of our days. He is a wonderful sweet fellow. I am very worried however, about many issues. Would you be able and willing to use Facebook messenger or gmail chat? Your perspective seems unique.

You are so excepting and your children are too. Somehow, I sense that you could help me. What a beautiful life you have Matt. My man is 24 years younger then me. Love him with all my hart.. You have the gift of forever as it strings across the several right nows. Thank you Matt and Richard for sharing, wishing you all the best. Being the young one in an intergenerational relationship that has lasted 8 years 23 years age gap the biggest con for me is being afraid of society.

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I recently got involved with a man who is That is a 31 year difference. We make each other so happy yet we fear what society and family will think. It is reassuring to know there are more out there like us. I have a right to be with whom I am happy with right? I love with all my heart my partner of only three months who is 30 years younger than me.

He is 26 and I am I hope there will be many many more.

Please tell me what we should not do wrong? I am 32 years older than my partner. Yes, it is more important to be with the one who makes us happy.

Drama and Happiness

And yes, we are burdened by the several side effects created by society. I wish we could really share with each other our experiences. I need someone to talk to about all of this. Will soon celebrate my or our 8th anniversary with a partner 22 years younger than me. We have an amazing trusting fulfilling relationship. Sure we heard all the negative and tasteless remarks, but chose to ignore them.

I was coming out of a 40 plus year marriage to my wife when I met a 30 year old guy on Grindr. There is a 31 year age difference between us. We have been dating for about one year. As the older person in the relationship it brings me excitement, passion and the ability to mentor and guide someone that I have come to love.

At first I was very bothered by the age difference. However, my partner repeatedly has told me and I know totally agree that age is a state of mind.


Gay Men’s Relationships: 10 Ways They Differ From Straight Relationships

I keep myself in great shape and am able to keep up with my young friend in every way.. We complement each other in so many ways.

He is learning about finance and politics and I am learning about his generation, his music and am able to view our joint lives through his eyes. Do I worry about what happens when I am 75 and he is 44? The first being my wife of 21 years of marriage. We are currently going through a divorce. He is everything I am not, sexy, outgoing, vibrant.

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I see in him a soul I want to fully embrace. Before I turned my phone off I texted a friend of ours he was with. Friend in this case being the guy we both want a threesome with, and maybe invite into our relationship. Both of us believe in polyamorous relationships. It is a confusing state of affairs, and most people tell me to dump him. He also gets resistance from his friends and family.

I personally like the gawking, stares, and stuff we get in public. The ltr I had was with a guy 30years older than me, we were in love but sadly on the 3rd year he died suddenly. I would love too have a long term relationship a guy 30 years younger than me, but all I have experienced is gold diggers.

I know I can choose who I date. I chose to date a man 13 years younger than me. Labels should not matter if you are secure and confident in what you have with someone. And you just have to be really understanding and patient. I guess if you love someone then that should already be a given.

If they start feeling that way, then they will slowly drift away from you. Hello Will Glad I found your web site. It was refreshing to realise that I am not alone in my view that we should be able to choose. Mine is a somewhat odd story in that I married young and only learned later that I was bisexual when I fell for a lovely young man. Regretfully he did not reciprocate my love although we remained good friends for over a year. Thgis non-relationship caused me to have a nervous breakdown.

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My wife was none too pleased either. Several gay flings followed. Six years ago my wife passed away after we had brought 4 daughters into the world I now also have 6 grandchildren — one of whom is lesbian. I have been searching for a young gay man for a long time. In Septemeber I will be 76 so am beginning to realise it might never happen. I now live a lonely life and put all my efforts into an expanding postal business which I started 42 years ago. Oh how I long for a young man — just someone to cuddle and for companionship.

I guess I have served my purpose in life but still have many regrets. Sincere good wishes John.