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She uses a mix of animation styles, all connected to sand, to illustrate the childhood events that shaped her. This docudrama captures the history of dating in the homosexual community since the s, and explores how the internet revolutionised the way that gay men meet. These slices of social history highlight the timeless need for intimacy.

A sorority girl devises a way to eliminate all risk from the activity, and now, all she needs to do is to find a guy to test out her idea on — and with…. They discover common ground with a wounded German lying in the field, which — temporarily — will render the tensions that divide their nations meaningless.

Frank, a lonely middle-aged man, is desperate to re-capture the intimacy that he once enjoyed in marriage. So, he invests in Cindy — a synthetic pleasure robot — who has been programmed to fleece her clients for as much as she can. Two sensitive souls sit in a workshop, and set about painting and sculpting tiny teacups for inspection. A romantic bond soon arises between them, but it risks being prematurely shattered when their teacups are judged against each other. Nine-year-old Kamali is the only female skateboarder in her fishing village in southern India.

While she finds a way to express herself in a male-dominated society, her mother, Suganthi, takes a pilgrimage in a quest for self-discovery. On the banks of Louisiana, fierce Indigenous women are ready to fight to preserve their way of life against the corporate blacksnake. They are risking everything to protect the Earth from the fossil fuel companies that seek to poison it. The men in her family have dominated the event for generations, but her mother is determined to prevent her competing.

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An artist takes a line for a walk, and experiments with the magic of their own creativity. A miserable hotel performer is struggling to use her voice, and finds herself desperate to re-learn how to express herself. One day, she finds a walrus in her bathtub and falls in love — and this encounter might well be the making of her. She must balance her challenge against the discriminating status quo with preparations for the biggest tournament of her life.


This dark comedy makes light of sex and one-night-stands, and exposes just how weird they can be when differing sexual tastes combine. A romantic bond blossoms between two friends: English schoolboy James, and his German counterpart Otto. The pair realise their love for each other at the break of war, and must now prepare to face each other across the battlefield. A year-old woman tries on different clothes in her room. Her fear of being harassed or assaulted when she leaves her house stops her in her tracks.

Between each outfit, she struggles to banish her thoughts of nightmarish scenarios. As she attempts to find acceptance and purpose in an alienating post-millennial world, an unhinged young woman develops a violent addiction to social media. To preserve her image and pull herself out of obscurity, she feels she must kill. During a visit to her grandparents in Japan, everything changes for 7-year-old Rio, who finds herself captivated by a Japanese folk story — Moon Rabbit.

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She uses it to navigate the distance between her American and Japanese relatives. Fuelled by curiosity, she befriends the neglected pooch and must eventually prove his innocence. Daniel is desperately looking for his son. He sets about contacting family and friends, indulging himself in nostalgic stories and gentle jokes to ease his pain, before we realise that a heartbreaking reality lies at the root of his search.

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Depicted in an abstracted world of childhood memory, this story concerns motherhood, loss, and the process of letting go of those you love most. In the south of Tunisia, two football fan brothers bump into a donkey lost in the middle of the desert on the border of Algeria. Strangely, the animal wears headphones over its ears, and carries bags full of curious white powder on its back. A city lies half-submerged in water, and a new kind of life is prospering. As prehistoric life forms re-emerge from the deep, humans live symbiotically with nature. In a city square, an artist struggles to make a living through his chalk drawings.

With no money coming in, his motivation to pursue his passion begins to dwindle, until he forms a friendship with a pigeon who appears inspired by his work. This film paints a candid picture of the characters and little corners that make Norwich so special. Building works are set to rip through the heart of Batang Toru — the unexplored rainforest in Indonesia occupied by the most endangered great ape species in the world.

If work goes ahead, their future existence will be thrown into question. Struggling with a troubled home life, Alex puts all of her trust in her older brother, Jacob. But when she follows him into Soho one night on the back of a stolen rickshaw, their relationship will face challenges that neither could foresee. Akiko Takakura is one of the last survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Emma, an insecure teenager, suffers horrendous cyber bullying from her peers from school. Inexplicably, the body shaming abuse she receives online begins to transform her physical appearance, and her worst nightmares come true. Ian Plinth, a has-been comedian, attempts to make his comeback on board a cruise liner. This comedy-drama is inspired by the famous conspiracy theory.

Three men find themselves stranded at sea. When one of them dies, the two who remain face a big dilemma. There are only two ways to survive their situation — they can either eat their friend, or just sing about what it would be like if they did! A quiet, passive individual must decide whether to intervene and stop a rule breaker on his daily commute from work, or live with a lifetime of regret. Jim, an isolated ex-miner, finishes his last day at work as a night-shift security guard before retirement.

This stop-motion animated thriller takes place in a world where deer are the predators, and humans are their prey. One alpha-male deer goes for an evening car ride and after an unfortunate accident, he decides to brings some roadkill home. A woman recounts her encounter with some strange hooded figures on a night-time drive, who block her way ahead and have no whites to their eyes. She tries to pass them, but puzzlingly, she cannot remember ever making it back home. To ensure people keep procreating, free childcare robots are offered to all parents. Paul Bigsby, 17, wakes up early every morning to practice his somewhat haphazard drag act.

A chance encounter with jaded Blackpool queen Mimi Le Purr sets him on a collision course with his parents, bullies and the school talent show. Yohana, a teenage girl from a remote community in the Norwegian Arctic, must decide the fate of the oil worker who has killed her father.

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This film tells three unique stories through the voyeuristic lens of a photo booth camera. Although their circumstances and motivations are very different, each character shares a desperation which has led them to their booth. Noah is struggling to overcome grief and accept the recent death of his mother, who was once an astronaut.

To move on, he must break the umbilical-like cord that connects them, and commence a journey from his flat to beyond the stars. It offers a one-minute animated visual narrative, which reflects the escalating impact of human pollution on the environment. In the remote forests of the Scottish Highlands, an ageing stalker puts his grit and wits to the test against a young poacher, who is taking the heads of his best stags.

This film was made by a Norwich-based director, Christopher Andrews. Harry attends an interview, optimistic that he will continue to receive the benefits that help him to live a sustainable life with his disability. But the cold bureaucracy, and the unsympathetic officials behind it, prove impossible to navigate.

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An unsuspecting user is sent through a turbulent series of splash portals when his dating app malfunctions in the bathtub. A bitter aristocrat finds himself with unwanted company when he unexpectedly vomits up his own doppelganger. After his attempts are interrupted by a Syrian refugee, who he finds sleeping in his garden shed, he finally learns how to find closure.

However, their plan swiftly changes when they discover that their girlfriends have a proposal of their own. A little girl embarks on an innocent adventure, riding through a wonderland of ice cream parlours and amusement parks. But when her bicycle disappears, she sets off on a more daring journey — in pursuit of the man who has taken it. A young whale becomes separated from his family after he swims off to explore a shipwreck.

The Cunning Man is a dark, enchanted tale of compassion in the face of callous greed. The story is inspired by a real-life Cunning Man — John Harries c.

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In the world of The Dead Ones, those whose lives are cut short by violence do not disappear. Instead, they live to haunt the person who killed them. The Ferryman explores the time before death, and in particular, the transition from life to death. Shot in the beautiful Southwold landscape, the film exposes the turbulence, stillness and profound beauty that this significant time of life holds.

Manikin is a cubic-shaped figure who lives in a very straight, desolate world. The central field is dominated by caravans, most of which never move — though there are a few spaces available for rent by the day or week. The view over the meadow below is lovely and both the hut and the tents are wonderfully cosy inside; the hut has electricity, well-chosen linens and a wood-burning stove plus firewood , and the tents come with an electric hook-up, fairy lights and tea-making equipment. Finally for real softies, there's the Luxury Lodge, which comes with its own hot tub.

Show Map. Top Farm is located just outside the village of Marsham, which is on the main A between Norwich and Aylsham.