Perks of dating a fat girl

I've been with women of all shapes and sizes and it works just fine getting with a girl who's bigger.

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I read the comments. You should make sure you know what you're getting into if you decide to have sex with her. If you can't or it isn't good because you suddenly lose attraction, she will take it personally. You may lose a friend.

2. Fat girls are girls too.

We ended up dating for six months and only broke up because I moved 8 hours away. She had really large breasts, which I liked, and sex was good. I was also 18 years older than her. But there were also some issues. She felt self conscious when we went out. Going to the pool and beach were out of the question for her, and there were certain sex positions that were impossible or uncomfortable. If you have a lot of dating options, you might want to pass.

Otherwise I say go for it. You know the answer to this.


Be up front with your feelings for her and give her the opportunity to decide if she wants to continue with you as well. I honestly do consider her attitude and personality to be very desirable in a relationship, but if I say anything about her weight she will be crushed. Yeah, don't say that. Let her go and allow to find someone that wants her.

If it's that big of a deal that you're willing to post it on Reddit, you're not going to be able to give her what she needs. Have you stopped and considered that? You're thinking about what you want and what you feel and not considering what she wants. Chances are she wants to be with someone who finds her desirable and if its not you then don't keep up the friendship. Even if she makes you feel good about yourself, show a little compassion and let her be.

Top 10 Reasons to Date a Fat Girl

OP put yourself in her position. Would you want to be with someone who wasn't fully into you? Someone who was just okay with being with you, but not excited to be with you? I would say don't date her if you are having doubts. Let her find someone who is excited about her, and find someone you are excited about: Since you already have a friendship, maybe ask her to join you at the gym. See if you can motivate her and then during the weight loss process, you may find that elusive attraction you are looking for.

I had my share of larger women, especially when I was younger. Personally, I would not date one at the moment. I like to stay active and I would want someone that shares similar abilities in that department. And quite frankly, I don't find it attractive. I do remember from back then, one thing that seemed to be common with larger women was their low self esteem.

I get why they have it but it can negatively effect the relationship if they constantly dwell on it and don't believe you when you try to provide positivity and reassurance. I will say that she'd probably take real good care of you, though. Just don't abuse their generosity. That's kind of how I saw her at first, then I started to have feelings for her, and she's been dropping the signs. Like standing close to me, brushing up against me, playing with her hair, etc. You are being shallow, but we all are when we want to date someone.

If you genuinely are attracted to her but are afraid of what other people will say, maybe you should go for it. ANYWAY I think since you have never been with a woman her size you are nervous about liking it and also hoping to still like her as well if you do move forward physically. I say go for it. Weight can be difficult for women to lose.

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Do you know her health situation? Sometimes people are fat because they eat terrible, sometimes people are fat because they have real health concerns.

If you care about this chick and see something with her, learn to accept who she is today and not worry about what other people think. If you think she's attractive and she does something for you, let yourself be happy.

So she's not a size 8? Why the fuck does anyone else's judgement matter?

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Top 14 reasons to date a fat girl

You can encourage her while dating to make better lifestyle choices like getting her to join you in more active adventures and eating better you doing it with her but you can't force her to change. Her weight seems mostly genetic to me, and I don't think any less of her as a person because of it. Honestly the biggest hang up is because I am a totally different body type. I am 6'0" fit, and she is about 5'6" I just don't know how it would work physically. Well, no relationship is perfect and no partner is perfect. You will never find someone who fits all the boxes so you have to make a choice.

I think since you guys are such close friends, you should talk to her and be honest about the hang ups. If you guys are close and have trust, I'm sure she will understand.

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Be a motivator and get her involved in getting into and staying in shape. Weight loss is hard because it's so easy to eat badly or get lazy about going to the gym and we all need someone to hold us accountable. You could be that person who encourages her to become her best self. When I began seeing my 6'4", lb BF of 8 months, I was 5'6" and I'd given up on finding a relationship and just accepted that I'd be the "cool chick" to hang out with and bang.

After the first date we kept seeing each other over and over again. I spent so much time with him. I lost 20 lbs in the first 4 months because I was so happy to be with him and I was active and wanted to look good with him. Also it helps that he doesn't drink. He liked me beforehand, but I know he appreciates that I have gotten healthier.

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  7. With the good weather you can go for walks and stuff! If it doesn't seem like your attraction is growing, then come back here lol. I'm a bigger gal and never had issues having sex with guys of any size or shape. If you think she's cute and like her, give it a chance. Don't worry so much about it. My biggest worry is that your family will be cruel to her. You may have to play interference at some point and set down rules for them.

    But that's just becoming a man. That's good to know. I honestly don't know what positions would be possible. If it's just missionary then idk. Pick up a yearbook or newspaper from 60 years ago. The heaviest person in was like pounds. Now, you need to be at least to open a Walmart credit card. In all honesty, if it's a concern now, it will be even more of a concern for you a few month's from now most likely.

    I agree with another commenter that you shouldn't suggest to her she lose weight. I dated a pretty big girl awhile back, but she was really active I witnessed this we used to go on long walks together, she even had a side business of repurposing old furniture, which was pretty physically demanding, did photography, and had ANOTHER side business baking cakes for weddings and parties, she was always on the move basically. So me personally, I'd date a big girl I'm also a thin guy if she was active, but not if she was a low activity couch potato, as to me that's just basically a sign of issues down the road.

    Benefits of dating a fat chick

    I've seen some girls go through incredible weight loss after entering a relationship. Give her a chance, don't push her into it or anything but maybe she'll decide to get in shape for herself if someone just loves her for who she is. She sounds like a sweetheart. Up to you, dude.