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I don't have the heart for this.

Persona 3, 4 & 5: The Harem Route

Spoiler it ends in you breaking up, IIRC. What would be a good SL to exchange one night for a Justice one to catch up? Does Justice still have the time limit on it? WrenchNinja Member Nov 25, May 29, 30, 0 The Last Wizard said: Nov 15, 11, 0 0 Ballertown. Dec 15, 21, 0 0. I just researched it, you need to add maxing out the Aeon Social Link to this.

So for P4G I think it's as follows: Wait a second here We're missing something 3. Namatame's true feelings 4. Something's bothering me 5. We're missing something 6. Calm the hell down! Spoiler Pick the killer out of a list of names. Spoiler new dungeon that opens up in January. Spoiler talk to all your social links on the last day of the game. Afterwards the game will keep telling you go home, but don't. Eventually you'll get to the true ending dungeon. You can do both of them. It doesn't affect Valentine's day. Spoiler romance Marie for the epilogue; I want MC to be a one girl kinda dude.

Omikaru Member Nov 25, May 28, 7, 0 0. So you don't need to do her lover's route? That's good to know. Sorry about the wrong information everyone. That's honestly why I don't want to romance more than one girl.

Look at all these playas romancing all the girls. I stayed loyal to Chie. I'm at rank 6. I wonder if Atlus worried that the game was too hard? You've mentioned this before. Have you played the Japanese version? What happens if you date multiple girls come Valentines Day? From what I understand, you have to go around to all the other girls and explain why you can't go out on Valentine's Day.

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The only one I've seen someone have to do that with was Yukiko. Spoiler You have to break up with each one of them and watch them cry. I don't think I could be that kind of asshole. One girl only for me. Shall I assume that Marie's not really doing it for a lot of people in this thread? I haven't played it but I am aware of what happens. I dated Yukiko the first time and was going to go with someone different just to see some of the different content with them.

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When it came down to it, I couldn't. The fact that there's some new lover's content convinced me to go with the same girl as my first time. Where you are at right now in it, what does she do? And also, I got my social link with Chie up to Level 9 and it gave me the option to ask her to become my girlfriend, I said the other thing but will I get another chance to ask her? And also can I have multiple girlfriends? What happens if I do? Yeah, in the context of the game, being "intimate" is the equivalent to having them be your girlfriend, so Yukiko is indeed that. If you choose to deny the opportunity like you did with Chie, however, you don't get a second chance; they just become close platonic friends at that point.

You can also have multiple girlfriends if you opt to do so, although if you start going out with another girl while being romantically involved with another, there's a chance that you'll have your dates with the new girl get intercepted. It's an interestingly awkward spectacle to behold, to say the least.

I didn't have any problems at all. Once Yukari saw Ai and I together, but I talked my way out of it. I tried having more than one girlfriend, but Rise called "Cheaters" to spy on me. God, I hate Joey so much As I can tell there 0 retribution for having multiple girlfriends, the close thins that you get are set event that pop up now end then, the only factor there is how strong is the social link.

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I did too have the Ai and Yukiko event on a Sunday. Since Yukiko had a full S.

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Link, she basically bitch slap Ai out of the way so she spend time with the main character. The big bonus that you get come at Chrismast eve, were one of the girl will call and ask if she can spend the night over at your place, you can guess what she really want.


Again, it like a menu there to, you just cancel rende-vous until the girl what to get busy call. If you refuse all the girls request then you spend time with Teddie and Yusuke. I was just wondering about some stuff today: Is it possible to still get S. Link level 10 if you choose not to be girlfriend with someone? I haven't seen that character around since I refused girlfriendhood to her. Is there any point in further dates after maxing the persona link?

Are there bonus scenes if you do that a lot? Just messed up getting Naoto as my girlfriend on my second playthrough. Which is partly the reason why I bothered with a second playthrough. Are there any specific benefits to dating anyone in particular? To choose your flair, click "edit" to the right of your username, click on the one you want, and then click save.

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If it's not there, check if it's supported on our full list of user flair! If you're eligible, please message the moderators. So I recently reached Social Link rank 9 with Yukiko and began an intimate relationship. Is there any downsides to having more than one intimate relationship?

Persona 4 Golden |OT| Love is the only gold.

Harem or no Harem? However, if you're playing vanilla P4, it's more than okay for you to be a lying, cheating, filthy sack of worthless shit. If a friends playing golden for the first time I tend to reccomend they go full harem mode and then don't warn them. Mainly because i had that happen and the game got hella respect from me for basically calling the player out and shitting on them.

Are you playing Golden? You'll feel like an asshole and a complete dick when the time comes. That's all i'm gonna say. Part of it is because the game doesn't acknowledge it.