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The otherwise smooth trigger of the model 17 was replaced with a serrated version. Another key difference between the models 17 and 19 is the geometry of the barrel lug and matching locking piece inside the frame. They are positioned differently which is why barrels are not interchangeable between the full sized and compact frames. Generation 2 Glock Features Because the Glock 17 preceded the Glock 19, there was initially no need to distinguish the two frames by markings. In fact, the very first Glock 19 pistols 1st generation were actually made from Glock 17 frames that were trimmed to accommodate the smaller slide and magazine.

An apparent mold mark on the left front corner of the trigger guard was eventually used for a marking location indicating which frame was being produced. As has been described above, the main change that constitutes the generation 2 models is the retexturing of the grip surface. The models 22 and 23 are essentially the. The models 20 and 21 were the first of the wide frame sizes made to accommodate the 10mm Auto and. All of these models are 2nd generation or later with both locking block pins in their design.

Prior to reaching the end of the two-letter serial number ranges, a second line was added to the upper cartouche on the grip of the pistol which now read: Right around the time of the rollover from two-letter serial numbers to three-letter series, the internal parts of the pistol changed from being mostly black in color to silver. Shortly after the change from two-letter to three-letter serial numbers, a second line was added to the lower cartouche on the grip with two additional patent numbers.

The next internal upgrade in this approximate chronology was angled cuts made to the interior of the frame to relieve the back two corners where the locking piece sits.

Without this modification, those two corners were prone to the initiation of vertical cracks in the polymer due to the repeated impact of the corners of the metal locking piece to the frame. The relief cuts seemed to prevent the occurrence and could also be added to older models after the cracks had begun essentially removing the cracks in the process of making the cuts at their location. As with other internal upgrades, because these were often done by the factory after production, their presence tells less about the age of the pistol than their absence.


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Hypothetically, were the people at Glock, Inc. Likewise, pistols returned to the factory as trade-in towards new models might also have similar upgrades. The list of generation 2 changes above can be described sequentially based on the assumption of the serial numbers being sequential although this may not strictly be true. A more accurate description would be to say the changes listed here occurred during a watershed period during the middle of the second generation. The change from black internal parts to silver upgrade parts, the locking piece relief cuts, and the addition of a second line of text of the lower cartouche are all relatively contemporary changes roughly coinciding with the change from the two-letter to three-letter serial number range.

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Also in this time frame, the spring and guide rod assembly was upgraded to a one piece unit. A few years later, in , Glock began importing the model 24, which is essentially the 2nd generation equivalent of the 17L described earlier chambered in.

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Some time later the angle of the right rear surface of the ejection port was changed from a 90 degree angle to something slightly larger. This change occurred between the introduction of the model 24 and the subcompact models 26 and 27 in 9mm and. What this means is that one may encounter a model 24 with the earlier 90 degree ejection port angle but all models 26 and later had the newer geometry. The early model 26 and 27 pistols were the first to incorporate finger grooves in the front strap of the grip; however, these were not checkered like those that came before and after.

It may be easiest to regard the models with the smooth front strap as generation 2 because they are like the proto type for the generation 3 changes and appeared prior to the addition of the accessory rail that fully defines generation 3 guns. On the other hand, the large frame subcompact pistols, models 29 and 30 chambered in 10mm Auto and.

Generation 3 Glock Features Generation 3 Glocks incorporated all of the feature changes listed above and changed very little in the years to come. A few early models of the.

Gaston Glock began his professional journey with plastics and metals. Tested and trusted by the best Mr. In November , the company opened its U. Proudly Celebrating 30 Years in the United States 30 years of Perfection, a simple evolution of time introduced to the U. The company's history started in Deutsch Wagram, Austria. At the beginning, consumer goods polymers and metal were produced by only 3 employees. First Military Products Development and production start-up of first military products, such as field knives FM 78 , components for fragmentation, training grenades and machine gun belt links.

In addition, production starts on a field knife with a saw. In , commissioned by the Austrian Army, GLOCK competes in a battery of comprehensive and crucial testing exercises against international competition. GLOCK Entrenching Tool Development of the innovative entrenching tool with a surface-treated blade that can be locked in three positions for multiple uses. The hardened saw located inside the handle can be quickly mounted if required.

Their innovation, durability and reliability immediately captured the attention of both the U. Specific production emphasis on quality. A New Generation is Introduced The 2nd generation terminology used by the market came with some design changes to the frame. In order to serve different customer requirements, more calibers were added. As long as you have different information than what is already existing, please add it.

There are no usernames, IP addresses, or any other possibly personally identifying information I record. What you see is what you get which is all I have. When entering the serial put in as much of it you would like to be shown and the system will pad the remainder with asterisks. Do not use any X's unless that is part of your serial number. Any of these things will mess up the sorting and display. I will be adding Gen4 info to it shortly.

Some special and commemorative serial numbers that don't fit the general pattern: Detroit P, Verified via Glock, Inc. Marked "Fulton County, Ga. Came with extended slide release and Trijicon night sights. These were brand new never issued pistols for the Oakland Police Department. After receiving the order for the Gen 3, the Gen 4 were released and OPD got rid of the Gen 3's without issuing them. I have one and 4 other buddies of mine have 1 each.

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The G18 frame is unique to the G The G36 frame is unique to the G Originally posted by stangyg NOTE: Glock Pistol Upgrades Upgrade Glock Model 19, 9mm Luger caliber, requires an upgrade for the following serial numbers: The slide locking back on a full magazine. Failure to lock into battery because the barrel lug drags on the slide lock. The magazine follower tips or sticks in the magazine tube. Technical Bulletin April 1, Glock, Inc. This new firing pin safety system has been installed in all production Glock pistols since November,