My guy friend jokes about dating me

But, before it gets that far, there are certain ways to spot if your best friend does actually like you, displaying certain signs that only a fool in love would most likely do. So, here 15 signs your male BFF is crushing on you. Body language is key to finding out of if your BFF likes you, along with eye contact more on that later the way you move your body has been linked to a number of sure fire signs that he is heavily into you, or not for that matter. From licking his lips not as creepy as it sounds to showing someone your teeth, no matter how small these things may be, it is him letting you know that he is comfortable in your presence.

How close does he lean towards you when you are speaking? How many times has he put his hand reassuringly on your legs or back? And he's just consciously or subconsciously letting you know through the wonders of his own body. In fact, even things such as placing his hands on his hips with his elbows pointing outwards can suggest superiority, especially if there are other guys around. So next time you are out, take a closer look, it might reveal a whole new story.

So with body language usually comes eye contact, with the latter a firm way of figuring out if he is into you or not. Famously, men don't tend to talk too much about their feelings, usually letting their eyes do most of the chatting. For example, next time you see your BFF check out his pupils, are they large or inflated? If so, then apart from being on something, or having just left a really dark room, dilation also shows the brain's response to being in front of someone that they really like. That's right, with his eyeballs suddenly expanding, it is a sure sign that this guy is madly into you, with his brain doing you the pleasure of letting you know his little secret.

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And it's not just the eyes that do the talking. With the eyebrows just as expressive as ones eyeball, a slight lift when he talks to you signifies a definite interest as well as raising extremely high when he first sees you. Are you and his Mom on a first name basis? Do you get along with his siblings and find yourself at a lot of family events, no matter how big or small? Do you usually stop by his family's place on Christmas Eve as part of a long standing tradition, with him coming to your house on December 26th?

With getting along with the family sometimes the real deal breaker within a relationship, already knowing them can be a huge bonus, especially if they love you as much as he probably does!

15 Signs Your Male BFF Is Crushing On You | TheTalko

In fact, even the actuality that he introduced you to them at all means that you must be of at least some importance to him, otherwise why would he even bother? Next time you see his family, do a little digging and see what the reactions might be, they might just reveal a lot more than you think. Does your best friend seem to get mad over the tiniest of things? Especially if it involves other men or dates? Next time you find yourself having a war of words with your special man friend, try and differentiate it from just a friendly bicker that you have been doing with your girlfriends throughout your whole life, to that of an argument in which lovers often quarrel.

There may be much deeper feelings underneath it all, which can be extremely clear when shouting at each other. In fact, arguments are key to revealing just what a person is thinking, with men and women often blurting out a number of secrets without the proper amount of time and space to think before they speak.

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Plus, even the smallest of things can rile someone up, especially if they like you. When falling for someone, every single little thing is highlighted by a billion percent, throwing your emotions into turmoil. Remember what they say? There is a thin line between love and hate my friend, an extremely skinny one.

Yeah yeah, best friends are supposed to have your back, make you feel good, and tell you that you look absolutely stunning when you really feel like you don't.

However, if your best friend compliments you constantly, then he probably likes you. From how you look, to how smart you are, any kind of compliment is a sign that someone is crushing on you, and hard.

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  6. Yes, some may proclaim that actions speak louder than words, but a couple of nice comments can't hurt, right? Even the little things from how great you always smell, to how wonderful you are at choosing the best places to eat, being praised a lot is not a common thing within guy friends. A guy who is just a friend won't regularly tell you how exceptionally beautiful you are, they are more likely to point out your faults and failures than your features. A guy who tells you that you have a really great smile, however, is a guy that has an all mighty crush on you.

    Things He Says

    Do a lot of people assume that you are together when you are out? Do people often ask how long you have been together? If other people are noticing it, then it is time you did too. Next time pay attention when his friends start making observations about the intimacy of your friendship. Listen when they ask what the hell is going on between you two, and don't just laugh it off as if they are just joking around.

    Take it seriously when your friends are even getting in on the act, telling you that they believe he is almost definitely crushing on you.

    9 Clues He Likes You More Than a Friend

    Remember, people on the outside can often see a different view of what is going on right in front of your very own eyes. A different perspective can sometimes be extremely beneficial, so next time just open your ears, it might open your eyes to a very new and intriguing possibility. Who do you call when you are sad? Yes, he may be your best friend, but if it is him you want when you are feeling at your lowest and most vulnerable, then it might be a time to start asking yourself why. Plus with the added extra of him dropping everything to be by your side, it is a clear sign that he wants to be the one that makes you feel that little bit better.

    How can you tell if the friendship SHOULD go on to the next level?

    With Superman syndrome in full swing, not only does he want to console you but he also stops at nothing to protect you from those that have made you upset. That's right, by making sure that no one unsettles you, your male BFF will be the first to get up and say something if someone has attacked you, no matter how small or insignificant it might be. By letting you know that he has your back whatever the situation, he is also subconsciously revealing that his feelings are much deeper than you ever imagined. Do you and your best friend often spend a lot of one on one time together?

    Usually at his request? Do you find yourself at the cinema, at dinner, or even sometimes on mini breaks together? Well, these are called dates, and you have been subconsciously dating your male best friend for as long as these romantic outings have been going on.

    Like it or lump it, this guy is into you, otherwise why else would he want to spend as much time with you alone than say with a group? You might share a friendship group or have separate friends, however, often he wants to just hang out with you, and you alone. When you are alone next time, take a closer look. Does he stand quite close to you when you are lining up to get popcorn at the cinema?

    If he is starting to become a little possessive when you guys are alone, this is not the big brotherly way of acting you thought it was, it is him telling other guys he is, in fact, your boyfriend, without you knowing it. If your best friend has never seemingly had a girlfriend or not one that you know of, then it is quite clear that he doesn't want you to think he is dating, or at least interested in another human being. That's right, with his dating life one big secret, you soon forget that other women in his life exist at all, assuming that it is you who takes the role of the primary lady in his life.

    By not talking about women in front of you he is making it extremely clear that he only has one crush on his mind, and it's pretty likely that this crush is you. He never once talks about crushes on other women, he doesn't look at other women in front of you, and he only ever really seems to mention the prospect of another woman if you yourself begin dating, and that's only to try and provoke a reaction. The question is, does it work? All that kind of thing. He just trying to see your reaction and see how you would feel about dating him and if there is a chance that it could happen.

    Could you read it please and say something about it. If you were him would you be dissapointed to my reaction? Ithe would depend on how you said shut and what your facial expression was if you said it with a cute smile and said it olfully the it's what he was looking for if you just said shut up with an irate tone the he was disappointed. But mainly your body language would've said it all. He probably wants you Butt wants either a sign from you that you feel the same way Or is still waiting for a real good moment.

    All I said to him was "shut up". If you we're him would you be dissapointed? Could you please read it and tell me something about it?

    12 Signs Your Guy Friend Wants To Date You: For The Clueless Among Us

    If you were him would you be dissapointed to me? Keep in mind that there were other friends there too so he probably wouldn't be blunt and open about it. It depends on if you're interested. If you are then you could have casually said "I would probably date you too. If you're not interested then I don't know, carry on as usual I suppose.

    Possibly testing the waters, although so many people has assumed that I'm dating my good female friend whom I have no feelings for at this point that I've done this too and not meant it. No doors were closed. When you told him "shut up" he probably thought "well, I threw that thought out there and it got shot down. So much for that". He has a plan , and you are in his plan. He will ask you on a date someday. He probably likes you and was testing the waters to see what you thought of him. Quit being shy and just straight up ask him. Something like "So were you joking or serious?

    I think he is testing you by "joking", so that if you reject him, it won't be too embarrassed. Also, would you mind to help me in my question? Be the first girl to share an opinion and earn 1 more Xper point! Everyone, what does it mean when a guy jokes about dating you? He is also my friend. He said it while we were eating together with other friends.

    He didn't directly said it to me though he was just next to me. This is what he said "You know what guys, Kaye was totally cool back there. She is not reacting too much.